We need your help

Follow this link for full details and to help support - http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/investigate-factor-viii-scandal-petition-fund

On Wednesday 1st February we launched an e-petition on Parliaments website to investigate one of the deadliest and cruelest scandals in our lifetime. Why were thousands of innocent UK Haemophilia patients knowingly infected with lethal viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis C? Thousands have died.

In little over a week the petition has been signed by over 1,700+ people, but we need to get 10,000 Signatures for the government to respond.

We are raising money that will be put directly into promoting the petition through Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords and other mediums to help us get the word out, all of the money received will be used in this way directly and for no other purpose. Based off of our advertising performance over the last week in assistance with a Marketing company who are lending their services free of charge, we estimate that hitting our goal will help us to secure in the order of some 5,000 signatures.

We ask that you only contribute if you are genuinely able to, we do not wish to accept donations from anyone who is in anyway struggling financially.


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