Welsh Labour member shows support to Julie Morgan for pursuing the issue.

Welsh government says enough is enough

The message from Wales was clear this week. The UK needs a Statutory Inquiry into one of the longest running battles for justice in a generation, a tale that former Minister of Health, Lord David Owen has said he suspects may have been covered-up.

The NHS has historically never offered monetary compensation for the donation of Blood, an area of which the country has long been self-sufficient. However throughout the 70's and 80's a series of failures meant that the DHSS in Westminster continued to allow the importation of commercially produced fractionated plasma products from high infection risk locations, long after the dangers were known, in addition many overseas donors were paid for their plasma, giving them a motive to lie about their health status and therefore further increasing the infection risk.

Unlike "whole blood", where the risk of Hepatitis infection was less than 1%. For Haemophiliacs using pooled plasma products, or, "Factor", that risk was actually 100%, universally all Haemophiliacs that used these heavily marketed products from private companies and the government own "BPL"  were infected with Hepatitis C. The reason being that these products were made from the donations of up to 60,000 donors, making infection effectively inevitable.

Despite the prior knowledge and warnings about Factor, nothing was done and thousands died.

Their struggle for Truth & Justice continues and now has a strong backing from Welsh AM's.


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