Today marks the 2 year anniversary since David Cameron apologised to the victims of Contaminated Blood.

2 Years on, there is still no Truth and still no Justice for the victims and bereaved families of those people who were infected with HIV (AIDS) & Hepatitis C through the use of Factor VIII medicine in the 1980's, despite the apology made by the ,then, prime minister David Cameron in 2015.

Despite numerous calls from a range of MP's from all parties throughout the passage of time, a letter to Jeremy Hunt from the Welsh Health Minister in 2017, a former Minister of Health, Lord David Owen alleging a cover-up and more, Westminster still refuses to investigate the Scandal which has killed thousands.

The line taken by Theresa May at the end of 2016 was that an investigation would "not be in the interest of victims or their families", however that is exactly what they want, and need, to bring about some form of closure, answers.

What is an apology worth without action?

On this day we remember:

"The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them." 

A free online film-screening of the Documentary "Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale" will be held today:


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