All videos are part of the "HIV Story Project".

1. Susan Karp, R.N.M.S., Nurse Coordinator of the Hemophilia Program at UCSF

2. Val Bias, CEO of the National Hemophilia Foundation

3. Shelley Gerson, Member of the Hemophilia Community

4. Randy and Jennifer Ray, Activists

5. Randy Curtis, Chair of the Hemophilia Council of California

6. Phillip Kucab, National Hemophilia Foundation Consultant and Volunteer

7. Mark Skinner, Former President of the NHF & the WFH

8. Louise and Clifford Ray, Parents of the Ray Boys

9. Kim Bernstein, Grass Roots Activist, Retired Attorney

10. Jeffrey Moualim, Former Treasurer of the Committee of Ten Thousand

11. Jeanne White-Ginder, Activist

12. Dr. Glenn Pierce, Physician/Scientist

13. Dana Francis, UCSF Social Worker

14. Dr. Donald Francis, CDC Epidemiologist, 1971-1992

15. Carl Weixler, President of the Committee of Ten Thousand

16. Dr. Bruce Evatt, retired Director of the Division of Hematology at the CDC


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